750Amp Surge Protected Jumper Leads

The qest@ 750Amp Surge Protected Jumper leads are designed for use on medium to large size vehicles such as 6 cylinder and over and 4 x 4. These vehicles require a higher Cold Cranking Amperage and with the power of the 750Amps will allow a higher level of current to path through the leads. The Anti-Surge protection provides extra safety for your vehicle while being jump started from another vehicle and eliminating the possibility of an electronic surge damaging the vehicles on board computer. The durable plastic carry case allows for easy storage while not in use. The 3.6M length allows a good distance between both vehicles when attempting a jump start.


  • Lead Length: 3.6 Metres
  • Amperage: 750Amps
  • Fully Insulated Battery Cable
  • In-Built Surge Protection to Protect Vehicle Electronics
  • Suitable For Use On 4, 6 & 8 Cylinder Vehicles

Product code: Q750AS